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"First off, if we ever build again in the area, you are the only person we plan on calling.  Lord willing, you’ll still be in the business of building homes!  Regarding the total time we spent in planning, consulting and building, the experience was great.  We brought you a plan that we had drawn and from day 1, you never stumbled with all our unique and sometimes troublesome ideas and demands.  This was our first home to build and you took the time to explain everything to us, making us more comfortable than we ever could have imagined.  We especially want to thank you for your willingness to entertain our desire to produce the most efficient home we could.  From the start, we explained that we wanted to do an all-electric, geothermal home. Even though your experience in the area of geothermal was not extensive at that time, you were willing to take it on and learn right along with us.  This trait that you possess, the ability and willingness to explore new ideas, we feel is one of your greatest attributes.  Don’t ever lose that open mindedness! 

Given the complexity of building an ultra-efficient geothermal home, your desire to seek out others in the area that specialize in this was great.  You located a contractor who installed the Reward® insulated concrete form (ICF) system in our area and invited us with you to visit the site being constructed with such a system, even though the site was a competitor!  We quickly concluded that this was the system for our new home.  In fact, you were so interested in learning about this system that you offered to help us pay for the up charge of installing it just so you could gain the experience…wow!  And let us just say that we couldn’t be happier.  This ICF system is amazing!  Combined with geothermal HVAC, we have an incredibly cost-efficient home to raise our family in.  With the high cost of natural gas, payback was cut in half when compared to my original projections.  Thank you!

Moving on to the rest of the project, your tradesmen were professional and courteous.  We were at the house daily checking on things and our 8am conference calls seemed to become a normal event, but none-the-less, you always made time for my anal retentive comments/concerns.  Nothing was left unaddressed.  One time, when you admittedly didn’t quite understand how our uniquely drawn set of stairs was to be, you brought in the actual stair manufacturer to try to figure it out.  Nice touch!  With regards to the outside services you gave us in the contract to work with for lighting, plumbing, flooring and the like, these folks were incredible professionals, and you allowed us ample dollars to get everything we wanted.  I’ve seen some allowances from friends that have built with other companies… can you say OVERRUN INEVITABLE?!  Thank you for being a realist with your contractual allowances!  And finally, we were struggling in selling our existing home, and even though you wanted to finish in a 6 month time frame, you stretched your crews out; giving us the additional time we needed to sell our previous home.  I know you probably lost a little doing this for us, but this is the kind of guy you are…always willing to go the extra mile to help your clients.  It was much appreciated. 

In conclusion, you have built a solid reputation with us, and we would be happy to discuss our experience with others anytime you would like; feel free to give folks our number.  We always look forward to talking with you every year when you check-in to see how things are going.  Take care and God bless."

                                           Brett & Wendy, Burton, OH


"We put our trust in Millersburg Homes hands twice and both building experiences were awesome.  The personal touch of the Fende family made the process enjoyable and stress free.  Building a home is a huge investment and having a builder that cares about your needs as well as your budget is the key to success.  We would be glad to share more of our experience with you upon request."

                                                                      Willie, Holly, Brittani, Kasey, Shae, and Zoe,
                                       Hambden Township, OH


"Four years ago, Bud Fende built us an exceptionally well constructed house.  What a delight he was to work with -- conscientious, knowledgeable, and always available.  He brought in some of the best tradesmen and subcontractors in the area, but kept the cost within our budget.  Whenever problems arose (and they always do when you’re building), he resolved them promptly, fairly, and competently.  He finished on schedule (just seven months from groundbreaking to move in), and we are still thrilled with the results.  We would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is considering new construction, a remodel, or an addition."

                                          Susan & Josh, Kirtland Hills


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